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Happy Homes Cleaning Company | helpful tips for cleaning your closets

Sort through items and get rid of anything you no longer need or use. If you’re really wanting to keep something, ask yourself:

1. Does it fit?

2. Does is have any value?

3. Have I used it in the past year?

If you answer “no” to any of the above, strongly consider donating it or throwing it away.

TIP: Turn around all of the hangers so that they are hanging backward, and throughout the year, only turn each one back the right way if you’ve worn the item. If something is still hanging backward during next year’s spring cleaning, you’ll know which items to get rid of first.

Rotate Seasonal Items.

If you’re doing spring cleaning in the spring, pack up those bulky sweaters and heavy coats and store them on a shelf or in the back of your closet until next winter. The same can be done in the fall for summer clothing and accessories.

Vacuum Carpet and Ceilings.

Remove any items from the floor, and vacuum up any dust that might have built up under your shoe rack or nostalgia box. Don’t forget to get into the corners of the ceiling to capture any cobwebs or dust.

Wipe Down Shelves and Inside Drawers.

Remove all items and wipe down the space with a damp rag. As you replace the items, think about how they can be organised so that you’re more likely to keep the space tidy.

• TIP: Use drawer dividers or fabric bins to organise small items like hand towels or underwear.

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