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Handle your Bathroom Cleaning Like Professional Cleaners Do - Happy Homes Cleaning Tips

Whether you decide to use our services or not, the team at Happy Homes Cleaning Company want your home sparkling.

If there’s one thing people dislike more than cleaning dirty pots, it must be the bathroom cleaning. Unless you have a secret pleasure to scrub tiles with a toothbrush until it all sparkles, you could probably use some bathroom cleaning tips.

So, in this article, we would like to share with you some secrets that professional cleaners keep under their belt.

Experience, getting the job done quickly and flawlessly requires only two simple things:

- Having the right cleaning tools from the very beginning;

- Thinking proactively and having a strategy in mind.

Here is how it should work…

The professional cleaners’ arsenal

- Wear rubber gloves all the time – you’ll avoid skin contact with any chemicals or irritants;

- Have a scrub brush, a sponge, soft lint free cleaning cloths, clean dry rags, and paper towels at your disposal;

- Always keep an old toothbrush around – it will help with loosening the mildew or the gunk from around the faucet or the drain;

- Check your available cleaning products – make sure you have disinfectants, soap scum removers, and cleaners appropriate for each surface.

When all these are set, you’re ready to start your extensive bathroom cleaning. Revise the strategy and get going!

How professional cleaning services handle it

First of all, it is best if you take care of everything at once. Scrubbing the glass shower door today and the toilet bowl or the floor some other time won’t cut it. It will only leave you with the feeling that your bathroom is never completely clean and it will add up to your general frustration about the house chores.

If you choose to do a general clean-up, you’ll be more productive and able to work with a strategy. We say that you:

Spray everything with the right solutions from the beginning – leave the furniture pieces and the mirror for the moment when you want to clean them, don’t spray anything in advance;

Use disinfectants for the tub and the shower stall, the toilet bowl (inside and outside), and the sink;

Let it all sit while you work on the outside of the toilet bowl and the rim, the lid, the area from behind the seat and everything down to the base of the toilet, on the floor;

Return to the tub and the shower stall, where you can add one more layer of cleaning substance if necessary;

scrub and rinse, especially in the areas where mildew might have formed, always from top down;

In the moment you handle the sink and the mirror area, start from the top, with the mirror – never spray the cleaner directly on the glass and apply it on the clean cloth instead, to avoid leaving that stained look;

If you have a wooden cabinet around the sink, make sure you use furniture polish with it, to ensure its protection against water stains;

Leave the floor for the final steps – combining vinegar with water (50-50) will result in an effective cleaning solution;

After you finish with the floor, you can throw the water into the toilet bowl, give it a good scrub, and flush the water.

Important – vinegar should be avoided with all marble and stone floors, as its acid could damage the surfaces!

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