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Make sure you have everything you need to sail through the washing, however full the basket

Delicate wash liquid

Whether you hand wash your delicates or use the special setting on your machine,

you’ll need a gentle cleaner.

Washing basket liner

Especially useful with wicker baskets, a liner protects clothes from snagging on the sharp edging.

Fabric softener

makes fibres softer and ironing easier. However, avoid using it when washing towels as it will make them less absorbent.


Eco-friendly is expensive, but all ingredients are natural plant-based, biodegradable, safe on skin and they won’t fade colours. The packaging is also recyclable.

Dye grabber

Stop your whites becoming pinks by using a dye grabber cloth. It prevents colours running by holding and absorbing any loose dye during the wash.


For hard-wearing garments like jeans, standard pegs are fine. But, for delicate items, use these soft grip designs that won’t leave hard-to-iron-out marks on your clothes

Delicate bag

Keep more fragile items, such as tights, snag-free with a simple net bag. It prevents items from being ruined by being twisted around in the machine.

Stain removers

For individual stains use spray on stain remover before you put in the wash. Or add a stain remover to the wash to keep whites white and tackle tricky stains such as grass stains and red wine.

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